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January 17, 2020


What Color Is Night? by Grant Snider is the ultimate bedtime story.

Snider takes readers on a nighttime journey across lakes, urban neighborhoods, dark country roads, and more, exploring the color of night. Though it seems like "black" is the natural response to, "What color is night?", Snider reveals the hidden colorful beauties that often go unnoticed. Snider shows readers the yellow in the moon and the blue in the sky among other colors, opening minds to a world of color in darkness.

Despite being a visually dark book, Snider manages to pack in a large amount of color and style. With thick black ink lines on paper and digital coloring, Snider deftly uses spots of color to brighten other colors in each spread. The golden light of the fireflies in the park helps to illuminate the green of the surrounding grass and trees, the blue sky, and the black city in the background. To reiterate: the perfect bedtime story (how can you not have creative dreams after experiencing this book?).

What Color Is Night? published last November from Chronicle Books.

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