November 21, 2020

Crushes of the Week: November 15-21, 2020

This week's crushes:
  1. The New Baby and Me by Christine Kidney and Hoda Haddadi (Tiny Owl Books, November 2020)
  2. Anatomicum: Welcome to the Museum by Jennifer Z. Paxton and Katy Wiedemann (Big Picture Press, September 2020)
  3. The Boy and the Gorilla by Jackie Azúa Kramer and Cindy Derby (Candlewick Press, October 2020)
  4. Reynard the Fox by Anne Louise Avery (Bodleian Library, November 2020)
  5. The Mountains of Mumbai by Labanya Ghosh and Pallavi Jain (Karadi Tales Picturebooks, September 2020)
  6. Amazing Islands: 100+ Places That Will Boggle Your Mind by Sabrina Weiss and Kerry Hyndman (What on Earth Books, June 2020)
  7. A Gift for Amma: Market Day in India by Meera Sriram and Mariona Cabassa (Barefoot Books, August 2020)

November 19, 2020


The Bear and the Duck by May Angeli is a loving story about the lasting bonds of friendship and the continuity of change.

November 17, 2020

Let's Talk Illustrators #162: Devin, Eric, & Terry Fan (aka The Fan Brothers)

Today's interview is special for a couple reasons. It's special for me because it's my first-ever interview with THREE creators at once! Now while you'd think that'd be a lot to coordinate, what makes this interview extra special is that the creators are The Fan Brothers. You've probably heard of The Fan Brothers and their award-winning books, but the cherry on top of this extra special interview is that The Barnabus Project marks one Fan brother's picture book debut and the first time all three brothers Devin, Eric, and Terry have created a book together. Check out our conversation below!

November 14, 2020

Crushes of the Week: November 8-14, 2020

This week's crushes:
  1. Two Many Birds by Cindy Derby (Roaring Brook Press, November 2020)
  2. Your House, My House by Marianne Dubuc (Kids Can Press, October 2020)
  3. The Wrench by Elise Gravel (Orca Book Publishers, October 2020)
  4. Make Yourself at Home by Signe Torp (Thames & Hudson, October 2020)
  5. Lubaya's Quiet Roar by Marilyn Nelson and Philemona Williamson (Dial Books, October 2020)
  6. Paper Peek: Animals by Chihiro Takeuchi (Candlewick Press, September 2020)
  7. Put Yourself in My Shoes by Susanna Isern and Mylène Rigaudie (NubeOcho, September 2020)
  8. Special Delivery by Elliot Kruszynski (Cicada Books, September 2020)
  9. Out the Door by Christy Hale (Neal Porter Books, October 2020)