Let's Talk Illustrators

Every time I open a new picture book I immediately look for its unique design elements. Is the dust jacket different than the casewrap? Are the endpapers decorative, and do they hint at some emotional progression we will see in the story? And, of course, what do the interior illustrations accomplish separate from the text? To me, it's imperative that the images carry their own unique narrative, and the illustrators who can walk that fine line between visually interpreting text and adding in another layer of story are worthy of praise.

Let's Talk Illustrators is a series that explores the methods, media, and inspiration illustrators use to create visual worlds and narratives in children's picture books. I hope to shine a light on the skillfully conscious and wonderfully accidental details that pull us back to our favorite picture books time and time again.

Here are the illustrators I've had the pleasure of interviewing so far: