LTPB Exchange

The Let's Talk Picture Books Exchange (#LTPBExchange) is a quarterly book swap hosted by yours truly on Instagram. It offers participants the opportunity to join a global picture book swap and showcase children's books from around the world. So far I'm proud to say that we've had over 200 different people from 28 unique countries around the world swap picture books! And we'd love to have you join us! Here's how to participate:

  1. Follow @LTPBExchange on Instagram and comment on the most recent open post to say you'd like to participate. Include your home country if you would rather ship domestically
  2. I will randomly pair up everyone who leaves a comment and announce pairs a week from the open date
  3. You and your partner DM each other your physical mailing addresses
  4. Choose a book under $15 US and mail it by the predetermined date. Be sure to tag your book with #LTPBExchange when you post about it! 

That's it! I hope you are able to join us!