November 13, 2016


Pancakes!: An Interactive Recipe Book by Lotta Nieminen is the first in a new series of interactive recipe books, and it is one of the very, very few books this year that has made me giggle out loud with delight (and then rush off to show everyone else).

Pancakes! is a step-by-step guide that takes readers through the process of making pancakes. It lists every ingredient, utensil, and direction, but it's far from your average recipe book. Each spread features interactive elements, like pull-tabs, wheels, and even a punch-out pancake that we can flip when it's done cooking. So whether you're making pancakes on a stove or in the book, it actually feels like you're making them.

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Any time you want to relive the fun, all you have to do is pick up the book, no mess needed! The graphics are beautiful, and they lend themselves well to an interactive book: when we add the flour to the bowl, we actually feel like we're adding flour because the pull-tab shows varying levels of flour depending on its position. And rather than just reading about mixing ingredients, we actually get to mix them by turning a wheel. 

The lines are sharp, the colors are bright, and the text is perfectly sparse. It's hard to believe you can have THIS much fun with a book, but it's true, and I absolutely cannot wait for the other books in this series!

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