March 22, 2017


This month #kidlitpicks is focusing on poetry and haiku in picture books, which makes this the perfect opportunity to showcase one of this spring's most beautiful and poetic books, Things to Do by Elaine Magliaro and illustrated by Catia Chien. Things to Do spends its pages sharing the small, secret joys children can find in the wonders around them.

Things to Do shows readers that wonder and enjoyment can be found anywhere and everywhere. Through a series of short, thoughtful poems, readers are encouraged to find beauty in the world around them. Magliaro uses her poetry to draw emphasis to words of action and suggestion: words like "bumpy," "tempt," and "bold" give readers subtle suggestions of things to look for around them and the acrylic illustrations bring life and light into these everyday encounters.

My absolute favorite detail about this book is that the illustrations quietly carry readers from dawn to midday to bedtime. We start with rays coming through a window in the early morning before frolicking though a field with honeybees, reading as it rains during sunset, and listening to crickets when the moon is high in the sky. And the entire time Magliaro and Chien draw readers to the beautiful parts of each moment. No matter rain or shine, day or night, they lead readers to the beauty in all of nature, encouraging people to seek out the small details that make the world beautiful.

Things to Do published last month from Chronicle Books!

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