June 22, 2017


Trees, created by the Barcelona collective Lemniscates, is an homage to the book's namesake, ruminating on the existence of trees through the eyes of a bird traveling around its surrounding landscape. 

Trees paints our surrounding nature as a constant in an ever-changing world. Trees endure the changing of the seasons, the deterioration of their landscape, and more, only to stay strong and provide shelter, food, clean air, and homes for the world around them. They are marvelous beings worthy of our appreciation and respect, and Trees shines a spotlight on the imbalance between the contributions of humans and trees to our planet.

The illustrations are mixed media, and there's careful attention paid to the design of the book. It's clear there's a lot of stamping involve in the illustrations as well, which gives the spreads a softer, more worn look that maintains color vibrancy and definition. The way the images are pieced together is almost puzzle-like, giving readers a chance to explore the shapes that make up each illustration and recognize the negative space between those shapes.

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