August 3, 2017


Have you ever found yourself falling deeper and deeper into a hole of your own making? It's safe to say that Colette has when she bites off more than she can chew in Isabelle Arsenault's Colette's Lost Pet.

Colette finds herself having trouble making friends with her new neighbors, and she quickly finds herself in the middle of a huge liar that's only getting bigger. In an attempt to bond with them, she claims that she lost her pet parakeet, and she enlists the neighborhood kids to help her find it. The only problem is, Colette doesn't have a pet! So as more and more children get involved, Colette finds herself deeper and deeper in her own lie. What will happen when her new friends uncover her secret?

Like everything Arsenault creates, Colette's Lost Pet is arrestingly beautiful. The illustrations are a mix of pencils, watercolor, and ink with digital coloration, and the text is all hand-lettered, so the illustrations are soft, but very distinct and capture the very essence of Colette's situation: controlled chaos.

Colette's Lost Pet published from Tundra Books in Canada and from Random House in the US earlier this year!

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