June 21, 2018


Tiny, Perfect Things by M. H. Clark and Madeline Kloepper is a tiny, perfect book.

A young girl and her grandfather walk around the neighborhood and share a beautiful afternoon looking at everything they can find. They take in the wonder of the nature around them and discover many small worlds in the trees, bushes, grasses, and skies.

Let's talk about the design of the book's cover for a moment. It has a tight, yellow cloth spine, debossed text for the title and both embossed and debossed plants on the front. Tactilely speaking, it's basically a designer's dream book, and the immaculate design doesn't stop with the cover. The endpapers are full-bleed spreads of the lush plant life surrounding the girl and her grandfather, and they are fitting bookends for the story we experience in the interior illustrations. It's worth mentioning the double gatefold as well, which gives readers tiny, perfect things to find on the outside and a solid seek-and-find jungle on the inside. And everything from the cover to the endpapers to the illustrations manages to fall within the same color autumnal color scheme, too, adding to the sense of time and space for the book. The larger, square trim-size is also quite perfect. Such a gem!

Tiny, Perfect Things published June 1 from Compendium Press. 

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