October 3, 2018

#kidlitpicks September Round-Up: 10 Picture Books About Courage

Learning to swim, going to school, meeting people for the first time, in the darkness of their bedroom, making good choices, in the face of the news on TV—kids are brave and take courage more often then we recognize. And books are great tools for talking about the times they need to have courage. Books allow us to talk about ideas that might otherwise be hard to grasp or bring up. Books allow kids to watch other kids face similar situations and struggles.

Last month’s @kidlitpicks theme is COURAGE. We wanted every parent and caregiver to feel they were flooded with a HUGE source to turn to when their child struggles to take courage. Theme credit goes to Michelle from The Book Report!

Sweep, by Louise Greig and Júlia Sardà
After reading Sweep, my “kids understood what they were feeling, why that feeling can be overwhelming and had the courage to confront their bad mood head-on and let it go to blow away with the wind.” — Summer from @readingisourthing

A Bubble, by ​​Geneviève Castrée
“Everyone in the story is courageous and everyone who reads it and discusses it is courageous, too. — Mel from @spiky_penelope

Little Mouse's Big Book of Fears, by Emily Gravett
“The illustrations are witty, the construction of the book is ingenious and the message that a "fear faced is a fear defeated" makes this a brilliant book about having the courage to face one's fears!  —  Kim from @bookbairn

I Am Human: A Book of Empathy by Susan Verde and Peter Reynolds
While reading this book the other day I had a bit of an epiphany. It was this: Extending empathy to others (and ourselves) might be the most courageous thing we ever do.” — Miranda from @bookbloom

You Are Mighty: A Guide to Changing the World, by Caroline Paul and Kauren Tamaki
This book is a beginner’s guide to activism, showing children they have the power to make real change in the world.”  Carissa from @bookskidslove_

Fairytales For Feisty Girls, by Susannah McFarlane
It’s a gorgeous book and the stories are fantastic too – four beloved fairytales rewritten so the heroines make their own fortune using their courage, determination and brains.”  Carissa from @bookskidslove_

Macca the Alpaca, by Matt Cosgrove
An endearingly told story about resilience and having the courage to remain true to oneself!”  Rossa from @curiouslittlepeople

Glitch, by Michelle Worthington and Andrew Plant
Glitch is a wonderful story that inspires a positive attitude and encourages stepping out of one’s comfort zone.”  Rossa from @curiouslittlepeople

The Digger and the Flower, by Joseph Kuefler
“Digger's is a quiet and simple courage, born of love. That's a strength that many parents can relate to.” — Wendy from @homegrownreader

Super Manny Stands Up! by Kelly DiPucchio and Stephanie Graegin
Such a great book for showing kids to take courage and stand up for themselves and those around them.” — Michelle from @the.book.report

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