February 21, 2019


A Cat's Guide to the Night Sky by Stuart Atkinson and Brendan Kearney is a beautiful and adorable introduction to stars, planets, and space. 

Felicity the cat travels with readers around the world and into space to teach them how to spot constellations, identify the phases of the moon, and find the planets in our solar system. In addition to the table of contents and backmatter, this book covers everything from what clothes readers will need in order to comfortably and safely stargaze to how the Earth rotates to what programs and apps readers can download to practice on the go.

Cat's Guide does such a great job of combining nonfiction text with accessible illustrations. Felicity is such a cute little guide, with a mixture of flat colors reminiscent of screenprints and scribbled ink that creates texture. The depictions of space are equally beautiful as they are informational, and though the amount of text can seem daunting on some pages, there isn't a strict narrative so readers can feel at ease to peruse and come back. Or, better yet, take it with them when they go stargazing that night and use it as a reference text!

A Cat's Guide to the Night Sky published from Laurence King Publishing last year!

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