March 14, 2019


Tiger Days: A Book of Feelings by MH Clark and Anna Hurley deserves to be picked up based on the dust jacket alone –– it has velour so it's a feelings book that you feel!

In any given day, people can feel a whole host of different ways. We can feel slow like a snail or energetic like a rabbit, and an hour later we might feel something else entirely! Tiger Days helps young readers identify, understand, and embrace their emotions by pairing each emotion with an animal who exhibit similar traits.

The book is essentially broken into four parts: readers encounter three different animals on three different spreads, and then there's a turquoise spread with white outlines of all of the animals. The turquoise pages generally signify moments of self-reflection as the narrator reminds readers to feel everything they need to feel and how there are many, many things to feel. Each animal spread features a single animal with a colorful background, and though the illustrations are generally flat, the pen-and-ink details (ears, tails, eyes) make the animals all the more whimsical. 

Tiger Days: A Book of Feelings publishes from Compendium Publishing tomorrow, March 14, 2019.

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