August 22, 2019


My Grandma and Me by Mina Javaherbin and Lindsey Yankey is an autobiographical account of Javaherbin growing up in Iran with her grandmother in pre-revolutionary Iran.

Mina loves her grandmother almost as much as her grandmother loves her. They're always together, cooking and visiting their best friends next door and praying at the mosque. They even share fun secrets, like how they get bread without leaving their third-story apartment. Mina learns kindness and tradition from her grandmother, and she learns about the power of love in transcending time and space. 

Javaherbin's words are vivid and evocative, and Yankey brings that same level of energy to the illustrations. She uses vibrant colors and intricate patterns to adorn every page. Some spreads read more like a storybook, with embellished boxes of text, and others focus on moving the imagery forward, with sweeping patterns and grand gestures. And if it wasn't clear from the text how much these two love each other, it sure is from the illustrations: the two are never a full page apart.

My Grandma and Me published earlier this month from Candlewick Press. 

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