September 21, 2019

Crushes of the Week: September 15-21, 2019

This week's crushes:
  1. Proud to Be Latino: Food/Comida by Ashley Marie Mireles and Edith Valle (Familius, September 2019)
  2. Amy Wu and the Perfect Bao by Kat Zhang and Charlene Chua (Aladdin, October 2019)
  3. Your First Day of Circus School by Tara Lazar and Melissa Crowton (Tundra Books, June 2019)
  4. The Rhythm of the Rain by Grahame Baker-Smith (Templar, August 2019)
  5. You Smell!: (and so does everything else) by Clive Gifford and Pete Gamlen (Laurence King Publishing, October 2019)
  6. American Gargoyles: Save the Wentworth by Neil Cohen (Rare Bird Books, June 2019)

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