January 12, 2021


Wakey Birds by Maddie Frost is a colorful romp through a jungle full of wide-awake animals.

Deep in the jungle lives the Wakey Birds, who get their name from their trouble sleeping at night. Tonight in particular is brutal because the littlest Wakey Bird is having a particularly hard time going to sleep. She's not tired, and it's not much fun to be awake by herself, so she sets out to wake up everyone around her -- even though her loud behavior means she'll likely wake up the loudest animal in the jungle: the Shrieking Monkey.

Frost creates the illustrations from mixed media and digital collage, and though the book takes place at night, the colors are anything but gloomy. The loud and bright pinks and yellows offset the calm and quiet blues and purples, and of course there's plenty of opportunities for white font against the dark backgrounds. There are also plenty of opportunities for the font itself to become part of the illustrations, with several instances of curvy type, words thrown together on a page, and more! 

Wakey Birds publishes TODAY from Templar Books!

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