March 16, 2021


Sleep Like Me by Georgian author-illustrator Tatia Nadareishvili is the perfect bedtime story for a restless night.

A little boy can’t fall asleep, so he decides to go for a walk (in his mind), and as he "walks" he encounters all sorts of animals in pajamas. After the boy tells the animals he meets about his inability to fall asleep, each offers advice: the giraffe suggests the boy rests his head on his back to fall asleep, the sloth suggests he hangs upside down, and the horse suggests simply standing up. But none of these positions are working for the boy, and he's getting very tired of trying...

The acrylic illustrations are rich in both color and texture. Nadareishvili heavily layers her paints, so there is an undercurrent of earth tones (browns, greens, and tans) touching every corner of the paintings. This color choice delicately complements the calming effect of the text, and many anxious sleepers will find their own restless-to-rested nights reflected as they read along, try different sleeping positions, and ultimately fall asleep.

Sleep Like Me published from Eerdmans Books for Young Readers last month!

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