June 3, 2021


The Night Walk by Marie Dorléans celebrates the wonder of nature and embracing the unknown.

Mama opens the bedroom door and tells her two children that it's time to wake up -- if they leave now they'll get there on time. It's completely dark as the family gets dressed, slips out of their house, and pads through their quiet, sleepy neighborhood toward the bordering hills. As they veer away from the road to follow a dirt path, they enjoy the company of the local wildlife, the stars, and the bright moon. The hike ultimately ends with a dazzling sunrise that floods an entire, wordless spread. 

Dorléans' illustrations are created from pencil and watercolor paints, with digital touch-ups, and it's incredibly how easy it is to get lost in them. The "brightly lit" scenes have readers squinting their eyes from the brilliance gleaming on the page, and it goes without saying that Dorléans masterfully captures even the smallest glow of light in her dark illustrations, whether the light is from a large window or from a small flashlight. Special attention must almost be given to the incredible use of spot gloss on the book's dust jacket, which you can see here

The Night Walk published earlier this year from Floris Books!

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