July 22, 2021


Family Reunion by Chad & Dad Richardson and Ashleigh Corrin is about family love, even those you may not have met yet!

A young boy is reluctant to go to his family reunion. It's far away, people he's never met want to hug him, and it's surreal to see his features on other people. But the moment he sees PopPop, a familiar person, everything changes and he learns to embrace to occasion. He plays games, listens to stories of Black trailblazers, and participates in the dance contest, finding value in spending time with great people, eating amazing food, and learning about his own family.

The book opens on a spread where we see the main character from an aerial point of view, and he almost appears to be flying in from the left side of the spread, making readers want to turn the book sideways. It's a great way to visually parallel how out of place the boy feels at these reunions as his worldview literally shifts (horizontal to vertical) to accommodate his family. Seeing the same faces over and over again is super fun, too, providing extra entertainment as readers follow different characters' storylines.

Family Reunion published from Barefoot Books last month!

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