October 11, 2023

Down to the Last Detail: IF I HAD A...

I'm starting a new series on the site! "Down to the Last Detail" will highlight the one-of-a-kind details that push a book's design over the top. Such details include things like a fifth color, a particularly creative use of spot gloss, a uniquely done spine...the details that make the book unforgettable. This won't be a weekly series, but I'll be sharing the details as I find them so keep checking back. And in the meantime, you can see come really cool book details in the highlights section of my Instagram page here.

I'm kicking things off with the If I Had a... series by Gabby Dawnay and Alex Barrow. The past three books have featured clever ads on the back for the rest of the titles. The ads are woven in seamlessly, matching the animal and theme of each book. So smart and super cute! 

From the If I Had a... series, including If I Had a Polar Bear
(Thames & Hudson, October 2023)

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