November 4, 2023

Crushes of the Week: October 29-November 4, 2023

This week's crushes:
  1. All about the Heart by Remi Kowalski and Tonia Composto (Berbay Publishing, September 2023)
  2. The Grand Hotel of Feelings by Lidia Brankovic (Cicada Books, September 2023)
  3. The Cat at Night by Dahlov Ipcar (Tilbury House Publishers, September 2023)
  4. The Great Grrrrr by Marie-Sabine Roger and Marjolaine Leray and translated by Angus Yuen-Killick (Red Comet Press, September 2023)
  5. Benita and the Night Creatures by Mariana Llanos and Cocoretto (Barefoot Books, September 2023)
  6. The Big Book of Butts by Eva Manzano and Emilio Urberuaga (Nubeocho, September 2023)
  7. One Little Bug: Exploring Nature for Curious Kids by Becky Davies and Jacob Souva (Tiger Tales, August 2023)
  8. Obioma Plays Football by Chika Unigwe and Chinyere Okoroafor (Cassava Republic Press, August 2023)
  9. What Should I Wear Now? by Jana Sedlackova and Alexandra Majova (Albatros Media, September 2023)
  10. The Origin of Day and Night by Paula Ikuutaq Rumbolt and Lenny Lishchenko (Inhabit Media, September 2023)

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