November 12, 2017


I'm so excited to talk about My First Book of Patterns by Bobby George,‎ June George,‎ and Boyoun Kim. I genuinely cannot believe I haven't seen a book like this before. It's colorful, easy to understand, and SO much fun to take with you on the go.

My First Book of Patterns explores the ten most prevalent patterns we see every day, like stripes, polka dots, plaid, and chevron. Every other spread introduces a new type of pattern as a single element, followed by a spread showing us how the pattern is used in real life. So for example, we see a spread with "Checks!" on it, and then the following spread shows readers a scene filled with boats, lighthouses, and houses, all of which are covered in checks.

Linguistically, it's super fun to learn all of these patterns and their names, but this book is so much more than that. It begs readers to look around them and find these patterns among their own belongings. This book compiles the ten patterns that occur most frequently in nature, so it's extra fun to look around the house as we go through this book and point out all of the patterns we see around us at home. The book cleverly builds on itself, as well, starting with lines and how when lines come together they make stripes, and when a bunch of lines and stripes come together they create plaid, and so on. Such a fun book to explore.

My First Book of Patterns published from Phaidon in September.

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