September 12, 2019


Eric VeillĂ©'s previous picture book My Pictures After the Storm accidentally passed me right by, and I whole-heartedly regret not reviewing it. So naturally I was pretty psyched to see Encyclopedia of Grannies absolutely measures up in terms of design and content. Each spread examines a different facet of "Granny": what's inside granny's bed, why do grannies travel by bus, why do grannies have creases, etc. And VeillĂ©'s answers are witty, inclusive, and thoughtful.

The inked illustrations are done entirely in primary colors (red, yellow, blue), and the comic-y style pairs well with the tone of this "encyclopedia." The text is integrated perfectly––sometimes as speech bubbles, sometimes as diagram copy––with the illustrations so that the hilarity of the questions and commentary matches the hilarity of the facial expressions and body language we see on the characters.

Encyclopedia of Grannies published from Gecko Press last month! 

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