February 16, 2023


So Much Snow by Hyunmin Park has so much going for it, including a die-cut cover, a binding on the top of the book, a gatefold...the list goes on! AND it's (mostly) wordless!

The endpapers open the book during a night when it's snowing over the glowing windows of a small house. The first official spread shows that it's now morning and the house has been buried by the snow and a duo wordlessly wakes up to dig themselves out of their home. Starting in the bottom lefthand corner, the two shovel themselves a path to their snow plow, and then ride the plow up and through the book. When they break through to the new surface, they have a snowball fight and build arguably the largest snowman ever before skiing back down their tunnel and (literally) through the front door of their home for the night.

As previously mentioned, this book has so much going on in terms of design treatment. The book is bound at the head (top) rather than on the lefthand side, so readers interact with the book (flipping the pages, taking in the visual narrative) in a unique way that's reflective of the book's own story. And to make things even more fun, there's a gatefold part way through that further emphasizes the verticality of the book. The digital illustrations are done in two colors, blue and yellow, leaving Park plenty of opportunity to play with all the white negative space as though it's snow.

So Much Snow published late last year from Sourcebooks Jabberwocky!

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