July 5, 2017


Ah, yes. Another beautiful book from Lizi Boyd. Given Boyd's steadfast career in creating lyrical and visual masterpieces, it's hardly a surprise that her newest book I Wrote You a Note is yet another example of a fun and charming picture book.

Readers follow a girl and a note she wrote on an unexpected and imaginative journey to see where it ends up. The book opens with the question, "I wrote you a note. Did you get it?" and continues on to speculate the excursion the note took to get to its ultimate destination. The spare text is rhythmic and repetitive, acting almost as a lullaby to incite imagination and adventure.

Boyd used gouache to create her illustrations, so they are bright, well-defined, and completely saturated with color. Boyd uses bits of bright color to pop out against her gray backgrounds, highlighting this beautiful, delicate work that we see. Despite the fact that the colors lay flat against the spreads, Boyd manages to sneak in hints of texture, on a note, on a pile of leaves, and even in the grass. 

I Wrote You a Note published last month from Chronicle Books!

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