July 27, 2017


There has seldom been as adorable and hilarious a board book duo as Susanna Leonard Hill and Daniel Wiseman's When Your Elephant Has the Sniffles and When Your Lion Needs a Bath

These books are utterly fantastic, from the hilarious text to the adorable illustrations. Both books are about what happens when a wild animal being kept as a pet requires something more than humans can handle. In the elephant's case, he develops a cold and his human has to work hard to keep him satiated while not getting sick herself. And in the case of the lion, well... let's just say cats don't like baths no matter what size they are, and the lion's human has to get pretty clever to give his pet a bath.

Both the author and the illustrator inject so much humor into these books. Hill's text is utilized very well so as to make the book super funny to read aloud, like when she lists off over a dozen types of ice cream or simple words like "nope" and "uh-oh" to humorously negate whatever the narrator has previously suggested. Wiseman's illustrations offer a lot of additional fun for readers to look at to complete the story, providing a perfect opportunity for young readers to learn how to read pictures and understand the role illustrations play in strengthening a story by adding new layers to it.

This hilarious duo published from Little Simon earlier this month!

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