March 18, 2018


The Boy and the Blue Moon by Sara O'Leary and Ashley Crowley is the story of a boy and a cat on a walk during a blue moon and the magic they encounter along the way.

The boy and his cat travel through fields of flowers and across shaky bridges to arrive at a lake to peer up at the giant blue moon. With the first introduction of a color other than blue, the boy and cat put on red life vests and set out into the water, taking in the beauty of the moon's reflection before they are swept into space to observe the beauty of a blue Earth from the Moon. From the Moon, they play and gaze at Earth before eventually returning to the warmth of their own bed.

As I said, Crowley's illustrations are mainly blue, and he hits every possible shade of the color. They are created from a combination of water brush pen, gouache, graphite sticks, pastel, colored pencil, and Adobe Photoshop so we see a variety of textures throughout the book as well. Using only one color really gives Crowley the freedom to explore many ideas, and his work truly shines with his depictions of water. The soft reflections are immaculate, and despite all the blue (a cold color), the illustrations throughout this book all feel consistently warm and safe.  

The Boy and the Blue Moon published in February from Henry Holt and Company.

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