April 8, 2018


Finally, finally, there is a new installment in Janik Coat's oversized board book series! Coat's clever series uses animals to explore familiar concepts: hippos and opposites in Hippopposites and rhinos and rhymes in Rhymoceros, and now llamas and homophones in Llamaphones. And they just keep getting funnier!

In Llamaphones young readers learn about homophones, or words that are pronounced the same but have different spellings and meanings (e.g. wait and weight, fairy and ferry, and peal and peek). Each spread features a new word and its two interpretations, framed by a llama representing the word. So we see a llama holding a rose in its mouth on one side and a llama created from multiple rows on the other. It's always simple and clean––a green, unblinking llama on a stark white background––but Coat takes great liberties to make the book interactive and laugh-out-loud funny. Some spreads have touch-and-feel elements like bumps, flaps, and glitter, and some are simply visual puns, but every single one leaves room for discussion and laughter.

I seriously give this board book series to all my expectant mother friends, and it's so fun to add this third book into the mix. The series is fun and informative for babies, as well as super funny for adults. The oversized trim (roughly 8 x 9 inches) makes each feel like a novelty concept book that doesn't pull punches and offers a straightforward view of varying concepts. So fun!

Llamaphones published March 6 from Abrams!

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