April 6, 2018

First Friday 5: Siblings

Siblings: whether you love them or not, they're there. Sometimes they help make situations better, and sometimes they just...exacerbate things. But at the end of the day, your own flesh and blood is what you can count on the most, and these five books show a variety of sibling relationships that range from complicated to loving to downright hilarious.

Written and illustrated by Vera Brosgol

In this comedic graphic memoir, Vera delves into her childhood experience at a Russian summer camp. All very has ever wanted is to fit in, which isn't easy for a Russian girl in the suburbs. So when she hears about a Russian camp, she jumps at the opportunity to go. Only, it seems that she has a tough time fitting in there, too, with all the girly drama, lack of running water, and involuntary extended stay. And it certainly doesn't help that her brother is having the time of his life...

Clem Hetherington and the Ironwood Race
Written by Jen Breach and illustrated by Douglas Holgate

Indiana Jones meets Mad Max meets Star Wars! After the death of their successful archaeologist parents, Clementine and Digory Hetherington, a pair of human and robot siblings, set out to claim their rightful place in the world of archaeology. The two, though of different origins, never see each other as anything less than brother and sister, and in the Ironwood Race which has no rules, Clem and Dig are each other's only chances of winning...and surviving.

I actually talk more in-depth about Clem and her adventures here.

In this second book in the Cucumber Quest series, Cucumber finds himself in the Ripple Kingdom, home to the giant, terrible squid monster holding his sister Almond and Sir Carrot captive. With the help of Princess Nautilus, Cucumber sets out to be a hero, but can he save his sister from Splashmaster? And what is this 500,000-year-old secret everyone keeps talking about?

Knife's Edge
Written by Hope Larson and illustrated by Rebecca Mock

It's 1860 in New York City when 12-year-old twins Alexander and Cleopatra's father disappears. So they set out the find him, encountering countless dangers along the way that test the sibling's trust, bond, and faith. And that doesn't even count the pirates and gangs that are hot on their tail! In this second book in the Four Points series, Alex and Cleo are reunited with their father and set sail to claim the treasure they've recently learned is their birthright. But with suddenly different goals and dreams, will the two siblings be able to find the treasure before they tear their family apart?

Mega Princess
Written by Kelly Thompson and illustrated by Brianne Drouhard

Ten-year-old Maxine Titan just wants to be a detective, but as the princess of her kingdom, bigger things are expected of her. When her fairy godmother visits her on her birthday and gifts her with the powers of every princess ever (and a talking horse, of course), it seems unlikely that Max will ever get the chance to pursue her true hobby. But when her baby brother is kidnapped, Max quickly finds that her powers of deduction aren't the only ones that will help her recover her lost brother.

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