May 27, 2018


Chicken Wants a Nap by debut author Tracy Marchini and Swiss illustrator Monique Felix answers a burning question for everyone: is it a good day or a bad day to be a chicken?

It starts off as a good day to be a chicken. The sun is up, the grass is warm, and Chicken is ready for a nap. But every time she thinks she thinks she has found a good spot to sleep, something goes wrong. First it starts raining, then the cows are too loud, and the barn is too smelly, and then the dog is just too darn friendly. But this story has a happy ending because soon the rain stops and the worms come out, which means Chicken can at least get something she wants. But, of course, that's not such great news for the worms...

The illustrations in this book are downright delightful. Every spread features one complete image, so it's like every page turn is a step further into the chicken's world. Pastels naturally have a beautiful texture, and Felix uses that to her advantage to make readers feel like they could just reach out and touch the chicken's feathers. And with full-page bleeds that stretch beyond the boundaries of the physical pages and soft pastels covering every inch of each spread, the book exudes warmth and whimsy.

Chicken Wants a Nap published from Creative Editions last year.

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