May 10, 2018


Disappearing Acts: A Search-And-Find Book of Endangered Animals by Isabella Bunnell is a colorful seek-and-find book for young readers looking to learn more about the world's endangered animals.

With the theme of the book being endangered animals, it's totally fitting that Bunnell presents readers with a seek-and-find book. Readers are provided with a vivaciously colored spread featuring one area with endangered animals, like the mountains, rain forest, and coral reef. Included are five animals or plants for each region for readers to find within each spread, so readers must find the endangered snow leopard somewhere within the mountains and the cave squeaker within the caves. The book includes backmatter so that each animal or plant has more information so readers can gleam more information about our planet’s rich diversity and fragile ecosystems.

The watercolor illustrations are crowded and colorful, making the actual "seek-and-find" portion of the book a decent challenge. It's pretty tough! Bunnell has handwritten fonts throughout, and the overall aesthetic of the book feels almost like a child created it. It feels engaging and accessible while still existing as a solidly beautiful book. And, of course, I have to acknowledge the beautiful cloth binding and embossed lettering on the cover. I love it when designers take things to the next tactile level!

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