August 31, 2018


I'm going to take a small detour today and talk about a magazine called Illustoria. If you haven't had a chance to get your hands on a copy of this magazine, it's well-worth seeking out, and their mission statement pretty much hits the nail on the head in terms of what they have to offer: "Illustoria celebrates visual storytelling, makers, and DIY culture through stories, art, comics, and activities. Each issue of our high-quality publication engages across generations and is meant to be collected among your favorite books."

So far Illustoria has published seven issues, and each focuses on a creative theme ranging from black and white (the most recent) to movement to canvas. The contents within each highlight the designated theme through comics, DIY crafts, activities (like a search-and-find in the most recent issue), interviews with high profile illustrators...the list goes on. Each issue is relatively short, but you'd be hard pressed to notice with all the information jam-packed inside. And all for the price of a picture book!

Though I've already seen a few other issues I still gasped when I opened this one. Basak Agaoglu? Rebecca Green? Natalie and Lauren O'Hara?? If these names sound familiar, you're on the right track: they're all people I've interviewed here on the site! And with good reason—they're all immensely creative and relatively new to the industry. What a unique and creative way to showcase new and talented illustrators and still keep things cohesive under a general theme. Not to mention there are a ton of people included within that I cannot wait to go out and research!

Here is a description of Issue #7 and some interiors!

Issue #7: Black & White delves into the world of shadow and light with bold stories and comics that will have kids & grownups dreaming up the infinite possibilities of a bottle of ink and a brush. Acclaimed illustrator Rebecca Green graces the cover with an adorable animal portrait scene, and shares her artistic process in a full length interview. Obsess over the pets of your favorite Literary Giants by our creative director Elizabeth Haidle; find an interview with and fall in love with the illustrations of award-winning artist and writer Paul Madonna; learn about black & white pigments in The Brief History of Black and White by Alexis Joseph and Lindsay Stripling; swoon over a super sweet comic by and Q & Artist interview with children's book author & illustrator Basak Agaoglu; make your very own herb salve, thirst quenching horchata, concrete poetry pop-up book, and shadow puppet theatre; and delight over tons of comics, stories, and coloring pages in this packed issue!

All in-print issues are available on the Illustoria website here!

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