August 23, 2018


Oh, how my heart melted when I read Trevor by Jim Averbeck and Amy Hevron!

Trevor is a lonely yellow canary looking for a friend, and he finds one just in time! Trevor and his new friend do everything together, from singing to sharing seeds, but Trevor's friend is shy and doesn't like to participate much. And that's okay, because Trevor loves to do everything anyway! Readers will see that Trevor's friend is unresponsive because it's a lemon, but just because Trevor's friend isn't sentient doesn't mean it doesn't leave a lasting impression on the canary and help him learn to socialize.

The level of care that Trevor provides to his lemon friend is so touching. He's tender, patient, and always puts the lemon first, and when things get tough and the lemon rolls away, it is pretty darn heart-breaking. The illustrations have an incredible texture to them because Hevron used acrylic paint on wood to bring this particular story to life. The wood grain is the perfect choice for showing off the tree and the nest and for general added texture and dimension to each of the spreads, which are all fairly flat in order to highlight the foregrounds. And, of course, the bright yellow of the canary and the lemon makes them stand out against all else as they carry out their story.

Trevor published from Roaring Brook Press last month!

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