September 7, 2018

First Friday 5: Becoming

As many here in the United States go back to school, it's tough not to think about what our children and students will become when they get older. What events will make them who they are meant to become? Whether it's becoming who you were meant to be all along, becoming a trusted ally, or even becoming someone entirely different altogether, these five comics ask and answer the question of what it's like to go through a life-altering transformation and come out the other side as someone new whose purpose has somehow changed. Some of the characters in these books are at the start of their journeys, some are in the middle, and some go through full metamorphoses by the end, but each starts as one person and becomes another, accepting all of the challenges along the way.

Written and illustrated by Hope Larson

Thirteen-year-old Bina has a long summer ahead of her, especially after her best friend Austin, who has been acting weird for a little while now, leaves for soccer camp. Bina tries to make her own fun, playing guitar and watching bad television, but when Austin's sister suddenly takes an interest in Bina, they find themselves unlikely companions. Until, that is, Austin comes home and acts weirder than ever...

Written and illustrated by Tony Cliff

The third book in the series is here and it is SO GOOD. We pick up right where we left off, with Delilah and Selim adventuring around central Asia. When Delilah finds an artifact that hints at the location of a long lost city, the two head to Europe to find the city and claim the treasure that lies within it. Of course, they aren't the only ones seeking the hidden city and old enemies are far from forgotten, and their Indiana-Jones-style adventure is riddled with danger.

Written by and illustrated by Jarrett J. Krosoczka

In his memoir, Jarrett opens up about his childhood and living with his grandparents while his mom, an addict, attempts to recover and his father, whom he's never met, remains unheard from. Jarrett does everything he can to make his non-normal life seem normal, and as he grows and learns more about who he is and where he comes from, he finds himself falling madly in love with art as a way to express himself. Luckily his two loud, loving, and opinionated grandparents will do anything they can to make sure a young Jarrett never stops pursuing his dream of creating comics.

Written and illustrated by Graham Annable

In this early reader (which happens to be the first in a fun new series), we meet Peter and Ernesto, two sloths who could not be more different from each other. Peter is a homebody who feels no need to ever leave their tree, but when Ernesto gets the urge to go on an adventure, the two friends find themselves separated from each other for the first time. Each learns just how much they would do for the other and how adventuring can be super fun, especially when you have a home and friends to return to at the end.

Supernova (Amulet #8)
Written and illustrated by Kazu Kibuishi

If you're like me, you've been anxiously awaiting the release of this book! We pick up with Emily, who has lost control of the Amulet and is imprisoned in the Void, working hard to find a way out and escape the incapacitating influence of the Voice. Navin, meanwhile, prepares for the upcoming battle at Lighthouse One, working with the crew to stop the Shadow forces from draining Alledia of its resources. Once again, it's up to this family to band together and stop the forces of evil from overrunning their world.

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