September 20, 2018


The Little Barbarian is a wordless delight by seasoned visual artist Renato Moriconi.

Readers meet a little barbarian who hops on a horse and sets out only to survive an army of birds, a pit of snakes, and a fleet of flying arrows. But even though it's hard work, this little barbarian makes it look easy. He deftly battles mythological creatures like dragons, lightening gods, and sea serpents, riding astride his trusty steed the entire time. But what is he riding toward, and will he be able to overcome the final task?

Even though the ending of the book seems so obvious, the twist in this book will absolutely catch you. Notice how the little barbarian goes up and down on every other page? Or that the trim size is super tall and skinny at 5.5" x 12"? Everything we see in this book hints at the little barbarian's ultimate battle, but it's such a delightful read the first time for the surprise and the other hundred times for the giggles. The watercolors are surrounded by a ton of white space so the eye is immediately drawn to the action the little barbarian is encountering. Highly, highly recommended!

The Little Barbarian published from Eerdmans Books for Young Readers in August 2018. 

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