December 22, 2018

Favorite Undies of 2018

Last year, Instagram started supporting 60 seconds of video per post, so I made a 60-second video of my favorite undie reveals of 2017. And it was so darn pretty that I've decided to do another one this year! Here are my tip-top favorites of 2018, and don't forget that you can see my casewrap reveals all year round here.

My list of favorite 2018 comics for children is up next!

  1. Seeing Stars, by Sara Gillingham (Phaidon Press)
  2. The Greatest Adventure, by Tony Piedra (Arthur A. Levine)
  3. Little Bear Dreams, by Paul Schmid (Phaidon Press)
  4. Ode to an Onion, by Alexandria Giardino and Felicita Sala (Cameron Kids)
  5. T. Rex Time Machine, by Jared Chapman (Chronicle Books)
  6. Lighthouse, by Sophie Blackall (Little, Brown)
  7. The Forest, by Riccardo Bozzi, Violeta Lopiz, and Valerio Vidali (Enchanted Lion)
  8. Balance the Birds, by Susie Ghahremani (Abrams)
  9. Heartbeat, by Evan Turk (Atheneum)
  10. What If…, by Samantha Berger and Mike Curato (Little, Brown) 
  11. The Dress and the Girl, by Camille Andros and Julie Morstad (Abrams)
  12. The Funeral, by Matt James (Groundwood Books)
  13. Boats on the Bay, by Jeanne Walker Harvey and Grady McFerrin (Cameron Kids)

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