December 9, 2018


The Visitor is yet another stunning book by light box dioramist Antje Damm (who I interviewed last year).

Elise is scared of everything around her––spiders, people, even trees. She never leaves the house, and she only opens windows when she wants fresh air. One day she opens the window and a paper airplane comes flying through, with a young boy knocking on the door shortly thereafter. The boy endearingly ends up winning Elise over and the two become friends.

Damm creates light box dioramas from cardboard and photographs them, so there's a real sense of depth to every scene. In parallel to the emotional growth we witness in the text, we also see the illustrations evolve from black-and-white to full color, and the physical composition of each spread is unique. Damm captures her subjects at unique angles that heighten the emotions of the scene and dramatize the body language. An absolute masterpiece!

The Visitor published in August from Gecko Press.

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  1. This is one of my favorite books of the year! It is incredible!