January 3, 2019

#kidlitpicks December Round-Up: 10 Rhyming Reads

I spy with my little eye something that rhymes with BOOK. How many words can you come up with? LOOK, COOK, HOOK, TOOK...

During December the @kidlitpicks book club was on the hunt for the best rhyming reads to share with our kiddos! We all know that reading WITH our children is one of the greatest gifts we can give them, as it opens up their world to so many different ideas and perspective, BUT did you know reading rhyming books is one of the best ways to help your child develop phonological awareness and rhythmic language?

The more rhyming books we read with our children the better they become at recognizing, identifying, matching and eventually substituting, manipulating and producing rhymes themselves. This assists them greatly with language development and on the road of learning to read. Plus rhyming reads are just so much fun and an excellent way to get the whole family engaged in read aloud moments that everyone will enjoy!

Thanks to Teri from Petit Book Corner for rounding out a year of wonderful kidlitpicks themes!

As We Grow, by Libby Walden and Richard Jones
Walden has a way with words, taking simple sentences and transforming them into lyrical poems that flow effortlessly. And, Jones has a talent for creating beautiful scenes that will charm every reader..” — Summer from @readingisourthing

Hickory Dickory Dog by Alison Murray
It’s a delight to sing along to the rhyme and watch the lovely characters frolic and play bringing the story to life.” —  Kim from @bookbairn

All Through the Year, by Janie Godwin and Anna Walker
“If you’ve been searching for a book of months and seasons that reflects our lives here, you really can’t go past this one”  De from @books_and_babycinos

Macca's Christmas Crackers, by Matt Cosgrove
It’s written in a cheery rhyme with a bouncy rhythm that’s sure to get you into the Christmas spirit”  Carissa from @bookskidslove_

Monster Party, by Alison Lester & Jane Godwin 
"Told in rhyme, young kids will love reading about the crazy things monsters like to do when we are not looking."  Rossa from @curiouslittlepeople

Arty Farty Marty – the Paint Smashin’ Kraken, by Dale Baker
"Filled with vibrant and cheerful illustrations, this rhyming book is a great introduction to fine artists."  Rossa from @curiouslittlepeople

Rock What Ya Got, by Samantha Berger and Kerascoet
"We ADORE this book for helping children embrace their own amazing and unique characteristics through a catchy rhyming mantra. Lauren from @happily.ever.elephants

Itsy Bitsy Babies, by Margaret Wild and Jan Ormerod
“The pictures in this book are simple and sweet, just like the text!” — Angelique from @heads.shoulders.knees

The Dragon and the Nibblesome Knight, by Elli Woollard and Benji Davies
Wonderful rhymes that roll off the tongue and fun, detailed illustrations for this entertaining story of kindness.” — Heather from @kidlitbookbits

Rhyme Cordial, by Antonia Pesenti
A wonderfully sturdy board book with super cool bright colourful graphics that instantly grab the readers attention and excite them on each page as they open the fold to read the matching rhyme and image.” — Teri from @petitbookcorner

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