January 31, 2019


My Heart by Corinna Luyken is one of the tenderest, most empathetic books I've ever seen.

We've all felt it. Some days your heart is as open as a window, and sometimes it's as closed-off as a fence. But no matter what, your heart is YOUR heart, so it's up to you to decide how you feel and who you want to let in. This book empowers readers to listen to themselves to find what makes them happy, and encourages kindness and empathy for all readers, young and old.

Like everything Luyken makes, this book was created with the utmost care and love.The main color focus is yellow, which complements the tone of the book impeccably. Yellow becomes radiant throughout as the children in the spreads examine what it means to love and to open their hearts. When love is more closed off we get spreads in shades of gray, but when love is open the yellow practically jumps off the page at readers, enveloping them in its warm light and gently encouraging readers to find love within themselves.

My Heart published from Dial Books earlier this year. You can also read an interview I did last year with Corinna about her illustration process here. And here's a peek underneath the dust jacket!

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