February 25, 2021


Sato the Rabbit is the first in a trilogy from Japanese children's book creator Yuki Ainoya, and it serves as a lovely and heart-warming introduction to the series.

Sato the Rabbit features seven stories about a boy named Haneru Sato who becomes a rabbit one day (readers can see a boy in a bunny costume) and goes on a series of whimsical, nonsensical adventures. One windy day he deals with laundry that flies across the sea, and he has to set sail after it; another day he looks inside walnuts to find warm baths and delicious breads inside. Every day is a new adventure rooted in exploring Mother Nature and enjoying all that she has to offer!

Occasionally Ainoya's paintings touch the edge of the pages, but generally the illustrations appear petite and loosely-framed across large swathes of white space. The colors are muted to parallel the sense of calmness in the story, and readers can practically feel the gentle breeze as it passes through the fields and the powdery snow as it lands around Haneru Sato. Curiously (and delightfully), there are also bunny emojis mixed in throughout the sparse text, which was translated by Michael Blaskowsky.

Sato the Rabbit published earlier this week from Enchanted Lion Books!

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