February 18, 2021


Surprise! Slide and Play Shapes by Elsa Fouquier is a clever, tactile board book where there are no wrong answers!

Cat is on an adventure in their airplane, can readers help the cat navigate their adventure and find their friends? Readers are prompted throughout this book to interact with moveable pieces that push the story forward and bring forth shooting stars, rainbows, and palm trees. The cover of the book features four die-cuts, each with a different moveable piece nestled inside. Since the book starts closed, the pieces can't move, locked into their spots by the pages of the book, but as pages are turned, the pieces become free to move one at a time. The spreads come in pairs, with the first one setting up scenarios that are resolved on the following spread with the moveable pieces. Each of the four pieces is a unique shape and color, and the interactive experience with each piece is different, too -- you push the yellow star up, you slide the pink circle over, and wiggle the blue triangle. Readers are not only learning early concepts, they're actively using them!

Surprise! Slide and Play Shapes published earlier this week from Twirl!

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