September 16, 2021


Cat and Dog: A Tale of Opposites by Tullio Corda explores the primer concept of opposites in a visually fun way.

The narrative that carries the book forward shows the two animals exploring the inside of the house before heading outside only to find a bird who proves challenging for the cat to keep up with. Along the way, the cat and the dog (and sometimes the bird) perform opposites for the reader, some of which are expected like "awake/asleep" and "above/below" and some delightfully less-than-expected like "nimble/heavy" and "oops!/phew!"

Corda takes full advantage of "opposites," right down to the design of the characters. The cat is orange and the dog is blue, which are complementary colors, and the bird is a fun mix of blue (feathers) and orange (beak and legs). Corda keeps the color palette to a minimum, mixing in only green to accent any nature the animals encounter along the way, and similarly he often keeps his characters separated with the gutter of the book to allow each ample negative space to increase the hilarity of each given situation.

Cat and Dog: A Tale of Opposites published from Red Comet Press earlier this month!

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