May 12, 2022


The Bear and the Little Green Thing by DianDian is the story of an unusual friendship between a sapling and a bear.

One night a flock of birds soars by and drops a small seed onto the ground beneath. Only, the space beneath the seed isn't the ground, it's a bear! As the seed grows roots onto the bear's fur and they begin to travel, the sapling discusses the many ways in which it's useful to have a sapling on your back and by the time the flock of birds comes around and picks up the sapling, the two have become bosom buddies who live in each others' hearts.

The muted illustrations generally stick to grayed out colors, with notable exceptions being the sun and the sapling. The bear is usually portrayed as a reddish brown, which allows the eye to instantly find the green sapling amongst its fur, and no matter how zoomed out or dark the page may be, readers can always spot the chatty protagonist on the bear's back. Visually, the book comes full circle, starting the night the seed is dropped and ending the morning after it's carried away to its forever home in the forest.

The Bear and the Little Green Thing published from Berbay Publishing earlier this month!

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