January 28, 2021


This Small Blue Dot by Zeno Sworder reminds readers about the interconnectedness of everything and everyone on Earth.

A young, excited big sister explains to her newborn sibling all the possibilities in front of them. She tells them about the stars and the universe and about how Mother Nature gives life to everything around us. She tells them what she hopes to be when she grows up, but that no one should ever rush to grow up because it's hard (#truth). But the most important thing, she says, is that they should have an imagination and contribute to the greater story of the world.

The illustrations were made with "many crayons and a few hard-working pencils" according to a very funny dedicated page at the start of the book, and the two media mix together very well. Sworder creates an even balance between the young protagonist in graphite and her manifested imaginings and movements in colorful streaks of crayon, allowing readers to process visual cues about what is "real" and what the young girl is describing as possible for her sibling. The colors veritably dance across the page as the young girl expresses herself and her thoughts!

This Small Blue Dot published from Thames & Hudson earlier this month.

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