January 7, 2018


How Do You Sleep? by Olivia Cosneau and Bernard Duisit is one of the newest books in the Flip Flap Pop-Up book series, which has a different author but the same illustrator for each book. I talked about some of Duisit's other books in the series about a year ago when I talked about paper engineering, but I think How Do You Sleep? might be my favorite one in the series so far. 

How Do You Sleep? is a concept book of sorts, exploring how different animals sleep. What makes this book extra fun, though, is that it's small and full of pop-ups, flaps, and tabs for young readers to play with. Each spread is interactive, asking and answering questions about the animals and how they sleep, prompting a conversation between parent and child about the differences in our habits versus those of animals. Like, wouldn't it be so fun to sleep upside down like a bat? Or curl up in a ball like a kitty?

What makes these books unique in terms of their pop-up status is that they are actually accessible for young children. So many pop-up books or books with tabs, flaps, etc. just aren't meant for tiny, less-than-delicate hands, but this entire series is prepared for wear and tear. What makes this book in particular my favorite in the series, though, is just how crazy adorable it is. Everybody looks cuter when they're sleeping, am I right? Throw in some animals, colorful illustrations, and flaps and tabs that kids can lift and pull, and this book becomes the perfect bedtime experience: it makes getting ready to go to sleep look so much fun and provides a relatable lesson on learning about others. The perfect, bite-sized package!

How Do You Sleep? publishes from Thames and Hudson this Tuesday, and be sure to check out the other books in the Flip Flap Pop-Up series! You can see them here.

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