November 25, 2018


Born Bad by C. K. Smouha and Stephen Smith is a non-didactic tale about the courage it takes to change your ways and how sometimes the best way to start making those changes is to ask yourself some tough questions.

Wolf just isn't happy with himself. When he looks in the mirror he sees a "bad" guy and seeing a bad guy makes him feel like a bad guy. He proceeds to go on a journey of self-discovery by talking to a cast of animal characters like a chameleon, a salamander, and a seal about his feelings. Does everyone feel this way sometimes? And how can he learn to be comfortable in his own skin?

The mixed media illustrations are loud and colorful and downright exciting to look at. As the wolf asks new questions, the variety of animals that pops up explores popular expressions like "a wolf in sheep's clothing" and "can a leopard change its spots." It gives readers a chance to make some connections between common phrases and the concepts they represent as well as to identify animals on the page. The characters themselves are super friendly and accessible, with the wolf in non-threatening positions throughout that make readers sympathize with him and want him to succeed in his journey of self actualization. 

Born Bad published from Cicada Books earlier this year. 

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