October 28, 2021


Awake by Mags DeRoma is full of surprises around every corner.

A young girl gets ready for bed in the big city. After a quick story and one last snuggle with her dog, she climbs into bed to turn off the light when suddenly, out of the corner of her eye, she sees it: a spider. No longer sleepy, the girl is wide awake, and she's prepared to do whatever it takes to make sure the spider is eliminated before she goes to sleep. But after capturing the spider she has an unexpected change of heart that inspires empathy and compassion.

The illustrations are a beautiful collage of cut paper, soft pastels, and paints. DeRoma sticks with a complementary palette, using vibrant oranges against dark shades of blue to set the tone of each image. With occasional hand-cut lettering, a jaw-dropping gatefold toward the end of the book, and the clever execution of the copyright page, the design of this book is top-notch and incredibly unique! 

Awake is available now from Roaring Brook Press!

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