October 30, 2021

Crushes of the Week: October 24-30, 2021

This week's crushes:
  1. Goodnight Ganesha by Nadia Salomon and Poonam Mistry (Philomel Books, August 2021)
  2. Every Little Kindness by Marta Bartolj (Chronicle Books, October 2021)
  3. Off the Beaten Track by Maylis de Kerangal and Tom Haugomat (Greystone Kids, October 2021)
  4. Zadie and the Stripey Sock by Barbara Nye (Penny Candy Books, October 2021)
  5. Violet Velvet Mittens with Everything: The Fabulous Life of Diana Vreeland by Deborah Blumenthal and Rachel Katstaller (Princeton Architectural Press, October 2021)
  6. Have You Seen Gordon? by Adam Jay Epstein and Ruth Chan (Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers, September 2021)

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