October 14, 2021


Time Is a Flower by Julie Morstad is a thoughtful mediation about the passage––and concept––of time.

Time is the ticking of a clock, but it's so much more than that. Time is a seed about to bloom, time is a pebble that used to be a mountain, and time is the snip of a pair of scissors cutting your hair. Time isn't just one thing, it's many things, and sometimes it's easy to grasp (like how many minutes we have left of class) and sometimes it's harder to understand (like the the passage of time when you'll be older and wiser). 

Morstad created the illustrations with pencil, markers, colored inks, and pastels which were all assembled digitally. Many of the images are black with a pop of color (or sometimes a few colors), so the colorful parts of the illustrations make the experience feel more transcendent and even magical at times: we see a colorful glow around a seed, a colorful sunset via sunglass lenses, and colorful book covers as the characters read about other worlds. Morstad also makes use of the gutter, visually highlighting binaries for readers. There's also an extra special spread with spot gloss, but I won't say more than that because it's too incredible to spoil!

Time Is a Flower published last month from Tundra Books!

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