December 14, 2021


The Three Water Drop Brothers by Lee Eun-Hee and Yoon Mi-Sook is a creative, modern folktale about the water cycle.

Planet Earth was born a long, long time ago, and it was very hot. Eventually, through evaporation, water droplets formed and it began to rain, creating three brother droplets in an ocean who all decide to explore the world. One droplet goes up into the sky, turns into snow, and melts into the sea. The second seeps into a crack in the ground, eventually traveling through a cavernous river that leads back to the ocean. And the third droplet finds himself on a farm before he's consumed and ultimately ends up back in the ocean himself. Together again, all three water drop brothers are ready to set off on all-new adventures knowing they'll always be reunited.

The illustrations are lithographies, which allows for the flexibility to simultaneously show solid blocks of color, textured hues, rich colors, and fine lines. Though mostly every color under the rainbow is represented in the book, the main color palette generally taps into the three primary colors, often with a secondary color highlighting a special piece or portion of an illustration. White and black also have a chance to become colors and more than just negative space, especially when there's snow or volcanoes involved!

The Three Water Drop Brothers published in November from Enchanted Lion Books!

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