February 24, 2022


Apple and Magnolia by Laura Gehl and Patricia Metola celebrates the inherent connections people have with nature.

A little girl named Britta believes that the magnolia tree and the apple tree in her yard are best friends. She can't explain how she knows it, but it's something she knows deep in her soul, and her nana encourages Britta to nurture her connection with the trees. When the magnolia tree's branches start to droop one day, the girl sets out to help the apple tree support its sick friend however she can, with scarves, lights, and lots of love.

The mixed media illustrations are beautiful, focusing primarily on deeply colored shades of purple, blue, and red, often mixed together. With the changing seasons, the colorful leaves on the trees and in the surrounding nature change hues, and the few spreads where the sick magnolia tree is brown and gray are a perfect lead up to the magnolia tree's sudden bloom of bright pink flowers.

Apple and Magnolia published earlier this month from Flyaway Books!

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